Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse in Early Years Education in Pakistan: Challenges and Issues

Muhammad Imran Ali 


Children are most important asset of a nation. The growth and development of a society always depends upon its children. Child sexual abuse (CSA) is becoming devastatingly prominent in schools. CSA is wide spread but largely unrecognized problem in many countries, especially in developing countries. Sexual predators choose employment in sectors that give them access to children. They choose younger victims because they are not mature witnesses, this fact saves them in prosecution proceedings. These facts make primary schools ideal targets for pedophiles. This paper discussed the provisions in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child relating to the right of education and protection of children from sexual abuse. It also examined the policies and laws in Pakistan including constitutional provisions and relevant statutes protecting children from sexual abuse in early years’ education and analysed gaps in the present legislative and policy framework. The conclusion and recommendations were provided on the basis of consulted documents.

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