Evaluation of Teaching Reading Strategies Used by Early Grade Teachers

Sher Zaman & Sumera Asghar


Importance of reading skills is admissible especially for early graders’ future learning. However, there is interdependency between students’ reading skills and their teachers’ ‘teaching reading strategies’. Hence the focus of the current study was to evaluate ‘teaching reading’, i.e. phonemic awareness, word recognition, reading fluency and text comprehension, to early grades by reading teachers. For this purpose, quantitative research with survey method was based on field observation was conducted. Self-developed tool i.e. structured observation schedule was used for data collection. The data was collected through performance checklist, hence a manageable sample, through convenient sampling in the sense of willingness to be observed, was selected of primary school English teachers (n = 10). Three consecutive observations were conducted of each participant of the study. Descriptive statistics, i.e., frequencies, percentage and mean were used to analyze the collected data. The results of the study show that generally the teachers focus on oral expression and meanings of difficult words. While majority of them least use ‘teaching reading strategies recommended for developing phonemic awareness, fluency through repeated reading practices among students and the strategies helpful for text comprehension.

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