Effects of Parent-Children Communication on Academic Performance of the Children: A Study of Southern Punjab, Pakistan

This research was carried out to find the effects of parents-children
communication on the academic performance of the children across
Southern Punjab. This research investigated the relationship between
parental-children communication, gender, and educational performance of
the children. The researcher applied Social Learning Theory (SLT) by
Albert Bandura (1977) and Emotional Security Theory (EST) by
Cummings and Davies (1995). The researcher adopted quantitative
research based on self-reported survey questionnaire from the school
going students of 6th grade. The researcher used multistage sampling.
Finally, the study was carried out on the sample of 1000 school children
with a balanced sample of both male and female students.

Muhammad Bilal Bhatt,Noshina Saleem,Hanan Ahmed Mian

education, parent-children communication, gender, children, southern Punjab

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