*BOOK REVIEW* Culture and Learning in the Early Years of School in International Contexts: A Comparative Appraisal of Culture and Pedagogy

The intricate bond of teaching-learning within the contexts of respective cultures has become the focus of comparative education researchers in recent decades. Social activity such as teaching cannot be devoid ofcultural context and thus, cannot be successful if cultural intricacies are not considered. Alexander’s Culture and Pedagogy (2001) and Tobin, Hsueh, Karasawa’s Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited (2011) are two contributions in comparative education literature with ‘culture’ shared in the titles of both books. Alexander’s work is an excellent study of five cultures started right from the educational histories moving from macro to micro and ending in elementary classrooms. Tobin et al., on the other hand, contributed in the form of a sequel to an earlier book with a revisit to the same cultures after two decades to explore the themes of continuity and change in the preschools of these countries.

Revieweb by Dr. Batool Atta

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